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a real musician


22-year-old Swiss musician with Congolese and Italian roots "Belanu" (alias Joël Gregorini) lives in Bern Switzerland where he also studies at the university. Since early childhood he has been enthusiastic about music. At the age of five, with the help of his father, he began to play guitar, and later bass, piano and drums. Soon Belanu also discovered his passion for songwriting and recorded his first songs in the studio at the age of 15. In December 2019, his debut single "Running Out Of Time" was released and in November 2020 his debut album "Don't Ask Why", on which he sings and plays all the instruments himself. Belanu counts six single and four video releases. In addition, Belanu was part of this year's "La Gustav 2023" academy for contemporary music, which promotes the next generation of Swiss musicians.

In classic power trio line-up Belanu plays live concerts together with Till Santschi (bass) and Till Bundeli (drums) under the name "Belanu Trio". In March 2020, Belanu joined forces with drummer and high school friend Till Bundeli. He was later joined by bassist Till Santschi, who knew former Till from conservatory big band in Bern. These three different backgrounds mix on stage to an exciting and authentic sound. At the beginning of March 2023 the Power Trio recorded their new album with Andi Hug (as a coach and producer) and Matthias Urech (as a sound engineer) at "Groovefactory" Studios in Bern. Four singles "Watching You Again", "Vérité", "Burnout" and "Pouse" have already been released. The new album will be released in autumn 2023 and will be celebrated on december 15th at the Gaskessel Bern.